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Welcome to Bryan Davis Minerals!

I will continue to update my galleries and pages with information and photos related to my hobby.  My purpose is to show people who are not familiar with mineral collecting what an exciting hobby it can be, and also show off my collection a bit to those more familiar with the hobby.  I am constantly amazed by the beautiful works of art created by nature, and hopefully some of my mineral photos will give you an appreciation for a side of nature you may not have seen before.

Also be sure to check out my web store, minerals for sale gallery, and eBay listings if you are looking for any specimens.  I also buy minerals, and collections so if you have any quality stuff for sale let me know, I can pay cash.

Happy hunting!




5/23/12 - Looks like I am updating about once a year since 2010!  I'm still active in the hobby, but sometimes when you are busy some things are left languishing, in my case it is this website.  I have recently (in th aquired all or 

2/14/11 - This year the winter on the east coast is awful.  All collecting activities have come to a grinding halt.  That is all.

11/23/10 - Progress! My fluorescent cabinet is finally coming together.  I am now able to get most of my rocks up and out of the way.  I still need to organize the display and move stuff around, finish up with the black paint, add some stuff, take some stuff out, put glass in the front, stain the outside, complete the cabinet doors, etc, etc... Still a lot of work to do, but I'm getting there.  When I finish, I will put up a full set of photos as well as detailed instructions for the build.  There is just not enough time in the day!


8/30/10 - About 2 weeks ago added a LARGE update of fluorescent minerals to my sale gallery.  Many are still available.  Have a look.

8/11/10 - I am about to embark on building a fluorescent mineral case to display and store  my personal collection.  This will hopefully allow me to better organize what I have so I can start to sell more specimens that I have packed away in boxes.  If all goes well, I might post an instructional article about it. 

I have been wanting to build a case for some time, but was not able to find any information on it on the internet.  So I started working up some plans myself.

I designed it to incorporate several specific features that I need.  Obviously it has to be sturdy to support all the minerals, that's a given.  In addition, because of where I keep my minerals i need my case to be mobile.  I plan on using casters to allow the case to be moved.  Of course I will not be moving it far, I expect it to weigh about 2500 lbs!  I have not completed the design of the glass yet,  I think I will build the skeleton, and figure out the "shell" as I go.  I expect to start by the end of the month, and It will certainly take me a few weeks to finish.

Also, in order to pay for the case, and a new lamp to light it up, I am going to need to sell some specimens.  I will send out advanced notification for a site update with some great new minerals as soon as I can get some together!

7/15/10 - I am constantly on the lookout for NJ traprock and fluorescent minerals.  I buy quality specimens and collections.  The economy is still in the dumps, but you can easily supplement your income by selling your mineral collection.  I pay top dollar, and pay in cash.

6/8/10 - I have added a few new specimens to my for-sale gallery.  Also, I have added a 100W longwave UV lamp, and also an option for buying bulk fluorescent minerals on the cheap!

3/14/10 - LARGE update to the minerals for sale gallery, take a look.

2/21/10 - In case anyone else has an affinity for hardystonites, I added a new hardystonite gallery to the website (here, not on picasa).  I just wanted to show a small sampling of the variety of hardystonites and its associations.  I have only put up a few pieces to start, but will add more when I have time.

1/5/10 - Hope everyone had a happy holiday season and a great new year!  I managed to keep very busy over my Christmas break.  I acquired about 1200 lbs of mostly fluorescent minerals.  Some great big Hardystonites, some great Willemites, Apatites, a few nice Esperites, and a wide range of other goodies (as well as a big pile of junk!).  Unfortunately it will take me some time to finish cleaning and organizing due to the frigid temperatures right now.  However, beginning later this week or sometime this weekend I will begin listing more specimens, and intend to do so about once a week for the next few months.  Keep checking the mineral for sale gallery.  I also may list a few pieces on eBay, and will activate the link to my eBay profile (in the menu at the left) when I have done so.
** EDIT: I will let anyone on my notification list know when I put up new specimens, so you don't have to keep checking!

11/17/09 - Since I am not a mineral dealer I cannot update my minerals for sale on a regular basis.  I update when I take something out of my collection, or acquire some extra minerals that I need to get rid of.  Updates to the trips/updates page are whenever I go on a trip or have something to report, also not regularly.  If anyone would like me to email them when there is a trip update, or an update to the minerals for sale gallery, just let me know at  blimer4evr AT  I will send out an email when there is a major update to the site, no spam, no junk email, no jokes that I heard this week, just major site updates.  On a related note I have some new fluorescent minerals that I intend to list toward the end of the week.  If you would like to be emailed when they are up (and you are not already on my email list, just let me know.  Also, this weekend is the fall field trip to the Franklin (Farber) Quarry.  So keep an eye out for a trip report.  Word is they have been doing a lot of work and a lot of new material could be available.

10/8/09 - Unfortunately, I had a problem with some photos in my minerals for sale gallery, and a lot of them got deleted.  I got some of them back up, but now I am trying to reorganize them and put the descriptions back up...  may take till this weekend.  It may look like there are new minerals up, but there has not been an update since 10/4 this is just me trying to put the photos back up...  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Minerals for sale update!  October 4, 2009 - Updated the minerals for sale gallery with some phenomenal fluorescent specimens from Franklin and Sterling Hill, at very reasonable prices.  Click on the "MORE MINERALS FOR SALE" link in the left margin to see them

September 30, 2009 - show report on Franklin added to the Trip/Update page.

September 22, 2009 - Update to the trip page, another fantastic trip to the Taylor Road dump in Franklin!
This week I purchased some phenomenal fluorescent minerals. Several additions to my collection, as well as some great specimens that I will be listing as time permits this weekend and into next week.
The Franklin Show is this weekend, I will most likely be setting up a table at the outdoor show, stop by and say hi if you can make it.
I love this fall weather, great for doing some exploring and collecting!  Hopefully everyone has some time to get out and make some finds of their own this season.  Best of luck!

August 13, 2009 - Update, whats that?  During my month long hiatus, I have been busy doing who knows what... but I am back with an update.  No more photos or minerals right now, because my wife stole my camera and went on vacation without me.  Damn teachers and their summers off.  But I have added a mineral collecting tips page.  hopefully there is some tidbits of useful information in there, and a couple jokes you find offensive.  Who knows, maybe you will learn something.

July, 12 2009 - Sorry for the delay between updates.  It has been a busy summer!  I have listed some specimens from the site on eBay (a link to my account is in the menu to the left).  I will continue to list more specimens throughout the week.  And will also start listing some specimens that have not yet been put in my minerals for sale gallery.  So keep checking if you are looking to add any specimens to your collection.  Most of the eBay listings will start at prices lower than they are listed for on this site!

June 8th, 2009 - I just looked at my site visits, and realized in the last month, my site has been visited by people in 8 countries and dozens upon dozens of cities.  That is great!  I hope you are enjoying the site.  If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask.

June 4, 2009 -The minerals I listed on eBay sold, I have removed the link to my listings from the page.  I will listing more minerals later this week, perhaps this weekend.  I will replace the link once my auctions are up.  I have also updated my Trips/Updates page.

May 25, 2009 - I have listed a few worldwide minerals to eBay. 

May 6, 2009 - I have now replaced my minerals for sale album on this site with a link to my minerals for sale album on my Picasa site.  I have labeled all of the photos with sizes and prices, and made sure all of the pieces shown are still available.

Freewebs is a decent place to host a website, however the photo managing is a HUGE PAIN!  So in order to make it easier for me to upload, organize, and label all of my photos, I am moving everything over to Picasa.  I hope its not a huge pain to open a new window to see the photos, but in my opinion the slide shows and organization are both better.  So hopefully it will be an improvement.  I apologize for all the changes, but I am trying to streamline this process a little for myself, and hopefully make it easier for visitors to find things.  If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know, I would be happy (and perhaps grateful) to hear them. 

May 4, 2009 - I have removed the photos of my personal collection from this site, and have replaced them with a link to my Picasa album.  The reason I have done this is so that I can upload more photos of minerals for sale to the site. I originally made this site to just catalog my own collection and sell a few spare pieces.  However, I have been having some success with mineral sales through the site, hopefully due to the fact that I have been listing high quality specimens from the area at fair prices.  Recently the amount of excess minerals in my garage has become a bit of an inconvenience after purchasing entire collections.  So I wanted to separate out my personal collection, and use this site as more of an online new jersey mineral "store" (with some interesting material from outside NJ sprinkled in also).  My goal is to have a website that is an easy to browse listing of quality mineral specimens at fair prices.  As I have said previously, there is no use having my garage full of minerals hidden in boxes, I would rather redistribute them so other people can enjoy them.

I will continue uploading photos and descriptions as time permits (I have already added some new stuff in the last few days).  I will continue to offer quantity discounts and combined shipping for multiple purchases from the website.  I will then most likely select a few specimens each week to remove from the site and list on eBay, just to force some turnover of minerals and prevent stagnation.  When I have specimens listed on eBay I will activate a link on the left side of the page to access them directly from this site.

I have also completed my trip updates of Sterling Hill and Taylor Road, photos will follow as time permits...

April 27, 2009 - To anyone visiting who I spoke to at the Franklin mineral show, welcome and thank you for your business!  I will be updating the site (and most likely eBay) over the next few weeks with the EXTENSIVE collection I now have for sale.  Most of the minerals I will be listing will be from Prospect Park Quarry (including some real KILLER pieces), as well as some fantastic Franklin Mill Site fluorescent minerals.  As always if you are interested in any pieces or have any questions please feel free to contact me.
April 19, 2009 - I also forgot to mention I have large/killer hardystonites, wollastonites, sphalerites, norbergite/diopside, colorful willemites, HUGE pieces of Franklin material... etc etc.

April 18, 2009 - I have been slacking on updating again lately.  The Franklin show is only one week away!  I just acquired a large collection of New Jersey material and I am rushing to try and get it ready for the show.  I have probably 800 lbs of fluorescent material collected years ago from the Mill Site in Franklin, 100+ flats of minerals from Prospect Park Quarry, fluorescents from outside New Jersey, and about a TON of Lapidary materials including thunder eggs, geodes, jasper, amazonite, etc etc etc... I don't know what to do with it all!  I certainly can't bring it all with me to the show...  Anyway, must get back to work, so much to do, so little time.  If anybody local would like to come by and check anything out this week, let me know.
March 31, 2009 - Specimen photos added from the Montague quartz site (on the trips and updates page).  Also I have a wollastonite listed on eBay, and will be listing more material on eBay in the next week, in order to clear some clutter while I am getting stuff together for the Franklin Show.  Check out my listings.
March 23, 2009 - I will be adding photos and a description of a collecting trip to the quartz collecting site in Montague, as well as Saturday's FOMS trip to Sterling Hill.  Also this week I will be adding some specimens (both traprock and fluorescent) to Ebay.  Keep an eye out, I have some very cool stuff to get rid of.  near solid wollastonite, colorful reddish green willemite, sphalerite, rich large norbergites, prehnites, and lots more...
March 13th - ITS MARCH ALREADY!  and its still freezing out.  There have only been a few days which were good for collecting, and I have only been able to take advantage of 1 or two.  However, this weekend is the NoJMS mineral show in Clifton, and I am excited to see what specimens have changed hands and are up for sale.  This is the season opener.  In addition the weather is supposed to be quite nice (I added a handy weather gadget on the right side of the page).  I think this will be a great opening weekend.  I'm going to check out a few of my haunts and report back with any finds.  I will also upload photos of a few new pieces that I have acquired over the long winter when I figure out how and where to upload them, since I have hit my limit with the freewebs site.

January 10th - I've been slacking on the updates as of late.  Between the holidays, and the fact that its too cold to go out in the garage for very long to photograph any minerals I just haven't been able to update the site.  I did manage to pick up a new display case for my collection.  Photos are on the Trips & Updates page.  Hopefully this crummy weather will subside for a few days and I can do some collecting or at least snap some more photos...

December 8th - Last week I started listing some of the fluorescent minerals I have culled from my collection on eBay.  If you would like to see my current auctions click on the link to my current eBay listings on the side bar.  I have removed many of the specimens from my minerals for sale gallery to make room for a lot of new fantastic specimens that I am putting up for sale.  I am pretty busy right now and it will take some time to get some momentum going with my photo uploads.  Keep checking back, or let me know what you are looking for... I might have it. 

|December 5th - I began adding additional photos of my fluorescent collection... then I ran out of room on the website.  I have now hit the limit for the free account.  I'm not sure what I am going to do yet.  I might move some of my photos to other websites that will host a larger number of photos for free and then link to it from this site.  I am not yet going to upgrade to a paying account, because it is not worth it at this point.

November 24th - This weekend I acquired part of a large collection of minerals from Prospect Park Quarry.  I also purchased some good quality fluorescent minerals from Sterling Hill and Franklin NJ.  If any local collectors want to come by and take a look at my stock before I start listing things on eBay and on this site let me know, I will be offering them at VERY reasonable prices to save myself the trouble listing them.  I am located near Franklin, NJ. Otherwise keep checking back, over the next few weeks I will begin listing many new minerals here and on eBay.
November 16th - I added a trip report from the FOMS trip to Franklin Quarry, as well as some photos of my haul in the fluorescent gallery.

November 4th - Added my show report from ultraviolation, and some more pic
s to the photo galleries
October 27th - I changed the layout of the site again, the large logo started getting annoying, especially when looking through the photos.  Hopefully this is better.  Camera is working, luckily it was only the rechargeable batteries that were shot, not the camera.  I added some more photos to More Minerals For Sale and New Jersey Minerals Galleries.  Time permitting I will continue to upload photos throughout the week.  I have been working on my photography setup to hopefully get better photos, we'll see how that goes...

October 20th - Added FOMS and SHMM dig report to TRIPS page.  Added some mineral photos to the fluorescent gallery, more will follow this week, if time permits.
October 14th - Added a rant about closed collecting sites to my update page.  I was away for the long weekend and upon my return I realized my website has taken off a bit.  Visits to my website have increased, and there are even a lot more search hits to the website than I have been getting previously.  I am pretty excited about that, thanks for checking out my site!

October 7th - Unfortunately my Sony cybershot has kicked the bucket after close to 4000 photos... so new photos and minerals for sale are on hold for a few days until I can get it going again... if I had any money I would buy a new SLR camera that I have been drooling over for months, then I could do some real mineral photography.  Maybe I can get one for cheap around Christmas?  With the current economy I imagine the electronics stores will be having some pretty good sales.

October 3rd - Calendar updated, added some photos.  I will be adding more mineral to the for sale gallery, so keep checking back.
September 30th - Added a trip log page
September 29th - Updated more minerals for sale gallery (marked sold minerals as such).

September 3rd - New layout!

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